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Mischa Barton Dropped By Her Agency

Posted By LolaDub on Jul 25, 2008 at 9:12AM

Page Six is reporting that Mischa Barton has been dropped by her current talent agency, The Creative Artists Agency. She is now with the Paradigm Agency out of New York.

A source said that Mischa,

"was dropped by Creative Artists Agency because she hasn't had any big roles since 'The O.C.' "

But, Mischa's rep said none of that was true.

"Mischa left CAA - she was not dropped."

Hmmm, who do you believe?

Mischa Barton: DUI Was My 'Low Point'

Posted By LolaDub on Jul 17, 2008 at 12:18PM

Mischa Barton says she thought getting arrested for drunken driving was something that happened to another type of Hollywood celebrity, not her.

"That was a low point for me. I never, ever would have thought I would be arrested," she says in the August issue of Nylon of the December incident. "I was disappointed because it associated me with a group of girls that I would rather not be associated with."

Now living in Paris, the former O.C. star pleaded no contest to drunken driving in April and was sentenced to three years probation.

Still, the repentant 22-year-old doesn't plan on taking up the quiet, studious life of others her own age.

"I would want to go to college for the learning, but there's so much else that comes with that that I don't think I need anymore," she says. "I've been making my own money and living as an adult for far too long."

New Work For Mischa Barton

Posted By LolaDub on Jul 1, 2008 at 6:41AM

Mischa Barton has landed a new role in the movie Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain. Sienna Miller originally snagged the part but due to scheduling conflicts had to pull out. The story focuses on a chemical spillage in India. Martin Sheen has also been cast. Anyone interested in this piece?

Where's Mischa?

Posted By LolaDub on May 29, 2008 at 7:02AM

Mischa Barton has pulled a fast one on us. Not only has she skipped out on doing the promo rounds in Cannes for "You and I," she's basically gone into hiding.

Director Roland Joffé told BBC Radio 1 host Natalie Jamieson, "She hasn't pulled out of interviews, she's pulled out of everything . . . Her room is here, she is here, but trying to get the two together has just been impossible. We just don't know where Mischa is."

Where in the world could Mischa be?


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Mischa Barton is revisiting Alice in Wonderland

Posted By LolaDub on May 22, 2008 at 7:53AM

Mischa Barton is set to go down the rabbit hole in a creepy new adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland.

The former The O.C. star has signed on to star in Simon Fellows’ Malice In Wonderland opposite Danny Dyer.

The film, which is described as a modern twist on the children’s classic, will begin principal photography in the U.K. next month.

Mischa Barton Is Comfortable With Her Body

Posted By LolaDub on May 8, 2008 at 7:52AM

“Every woman has cellulite. I’ve never claimed to have a perfect body. I eat healthy, I work out. I feel very comfortable. I come from a European family that’s always very comfortable with their bodies. You are what you are as a woman. If I’m in shape and I’m fulfilling my role as an actress, then that’s all that matters to me. There’s been a lot of nasty gossip written about me. If I was to cry over every single thing, I’d be the most depressed person ever. Trust me, there have been some low points in my life where I got really depressed about it, but in general, I find it’s smarter to not get depressed and not feed into it.”

-Mischa Barton in response to the pictures taken of her in a bathing suit showing cellulite.



Mischa Barton Wants To Be Supergirl

Posted By LolaDub on Mar 3, 2008 at 9:42AM

Mischa Barton has expressed interest in playing Supergirl. The reason she wants to play it is kinda weird though. She wants to play Supergirl so she can wear a "skin-tight leotard."

She said: "I'd love to wear the skin-tight leotard - it would be pretty awesome. But everybody in Hollywood goes up for these films. I haven't been offered anything yet."

Don't feel too bad for Mischa. Even though Mischa hasn't been offered a role for Supergirl, she has 5 films in production. The girl has sure come a long way since her OC days.

source: hollyscoop.com

Mischa Barton’s Butt On Screen

Posted By LolaDub on Mar 1, 2008 at 5:26AM

Mischa Barton was so comfortable with director Richard Attenborough she let
him shoot her butt.

The former 'O.C' star, who agreed to go topless in last year's 'Closing The
Ring', was happy to go a little further on Attenborough's relaxed movie set.

She said: "You do see me topless in that film. I would never do full body
but I did let Richard Attenborough get a brief behind shot as well."

Mischa, 22, insists she is happy to show off her body on the big screen if
the role requires it.

Mischa - who showed off her enviable figure in 2006 comedy 'The Oh In Ohio'
- said: "I take it project by project. In that film it was really necessary.
You don't see full boobs or anything. I was wearing underwear. I don't mind
nudity. I just don't do it that often."

Meanwhile, Mischa's arraignment - which relates to her being charged with
driving under the influence (DUI) and possession of marijuana - has been
postponed until April 10.

The arraignment - which also includes charges of driving without a valid
license and with a blood alcohol level of .08 per cent or higher - was
scheduled to take place at Beverly Hills Superior Court today (02.29.08).

source: hollywoodrag.com

Mischa Barton says she was “actually really academic”

Posted By LolaDub on Jan 29, 2008 at 12:28PM

Mischa Barton has been doing the Sundance press circuit over the last few days, promoting her movie “Assassination of a High School President” – which is actually getting some good reviews. But what she really wants you to know is that her empty-headed, party girl image is undeserved. I never knew Mischa Barton was so freakishly intelligent. According to an interview she just gave, she’s down to earth and smart. Mischa described herself as, “really academic.” And by that, it appears that she meant she has at some points in her life gone to school. She doesn’t give a single example of how she was academic, nor does she say anything that would lead a reasonable person to believe she possesses an ounce of intelligence beyond the very basics that get you through life. You know, the breathe in, breathe out, repeat thing. Not dodging in front of fast moving cars. She seems to grasp the basics that have kept our species alive, but not much else.

Mischa Barton didn’t seem so smart when she was arrested recently for suspicion of DUI. However, the star of the upcoming (and very buzzed about) “Assassination of a High School President” insists that despite her character’s mischievous ways, she was actually “academic” in her school days.

“I went to public school in New York until I was about 15, so I had a definite school experience, the whole nine yards,” the now super-blond starlet told Pop Tarts, curled up on the couch in her Uggs at Sundance.

“But I loved school, though. I was actually really academic, so I liked it … it was a lot of fun.”

[From Fox News]

School does tend to be a lot of fun when you skip most of it to film an occasional scene with a cute boy and hang out with your on-set tutor. Mischa goes on to talk about her upbringing in the film industry. Be warned, she uses the word “kinetic.” I think she most likely learned it from her Word-a-Day toilet paper.

And even though Mischa spent several seasons on the small screen as Marissa on “The O.C.,” the actress definitely seems to prefer doing films.

“I started doing film when I was 1, and I love it — it is the best experience for me,” she said. “Each film that you do — it is like a little group that you make friends with and you have that for life. When you go on a television series, it is a different thing. Of course you have it for life, but it’s a long-running show and it’s not the same kind of temporary kinetic energy that you get from a movie.”

[From Fox News]

Mischa you probably didn’t get that same “temporary kinetic energy” from your television show because you were supposedly a nightmare to deal with. You showed up late, hung-over, (sometimes still drunk…), were a total diva, refused to work with people, and generally made everyone’s lives such a living hell that they killed of your character by having her tumble off a hill in a car. Working on a film is probably a better fit for Mischa, since people only have to tolerate her for much shorter periods of time.

yea..ok :cocktail:

source: celebitchy.com

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DUI Drama: Why Mischa Barton Didn’t Just Hire a Driver

Posted By LolaDub on Dec 27, 2007 at 10:03AM

Mischa Barton was arrested around 3 a.m. today for alleged DUI and possession of illegal narcotics.

In a year marred by DUIs and negative press, why didn’t the 21-year-old actress simply hire a driver?

“People with active addiction don’t think logically,” Dr. Harris Stratyner — vice president of the Caron Treatment Centers in Pennsylvania (where MISS USA Tara Conner and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler were treated) — tells Usmagazine.com.

He says her move also could have been a “call for help.

“There’s always a certain element of self-sabotage,” Stratyner, who has not treated Barton, says. “Why would somebody risk their career? It’s a form of self sabotage.”

He says addiction is a “genetically pre-disposed illness” (Barton’s 19-year-old sister Hania entered rehab in February for an addiction to painkillers). But the actress’ time in the spotlight could also play a role.

“We see a higher incidence of abuse among people who are in the limelight because they’re under tremendous pressure,” Stratyner says. “There’s a tendency to self medicate.”

So what can Barton — who told January’s Maxim that "In New York I’d want to go out at 15 or 16, but I got it out of my system" — do next?

“She needs a loved one to take control and get some help,” he says. Because of her age, especially, “she needs it more so.

“We can’t allow people to hit rock bottom,” Stratyner adds. “We used to think people hit bottom … but sometimes you have to raise a person’s bottom. Their bottom could be death.”


source: usmagazine.com

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